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Raves & Reviews from Our Clients

Ronita, you worked your magic again today…I love my eyebrows! thanks again…

Lauren Park Villagra

Thank you for doing such a great job of my eyebrow threading today.  I had forgotten what a difference it makes, and I can’t wait to see what my wife has to say when she gets home later tonight! One of the links that I used to find you again is this one: , which gives you a great write-up! Thanks again.  I will be coming more regularly from now on.

Peter Charlesworth

Our favourite: Eyebrow Threading at Forever Shine. One of the most important parts of my beauty routine is also the cheapest – heading to Forever Shine on Auckland’s K Road to get my eyebrows threaded, for between $7.00 and $10.00 (depending on if they have a special on that day or not). Forever Shine also have salons on Mt Eden Road, Auckland and at Wellington’s Century City Hotel on Tory Street) I love eyebrow threading as I believe it gives the best results – a clean shape with a high arch, and great definition as the thread not only removes the dark hair of your brows, but any excess fine hair around the brow area. Brow threading generally takes about 5 minutes for both brows, and can cost anywhere between $5.00 and $15.00. A good place should charge you under $10.00. I’m not going to lie, it is somewhat painful – but it is a bearable pain and the results are more then worth it. You can find eyebrow threading salons all over the country and for the most part you don’t need to make an appointment – just walk in, and walk out 5 minutes later with great brows. Put eyebrow threading on your list of things to do this weekend.

Kate McGahan

Thank you so much for the divine facial you gave me today – it was just gorgeous and my skin feels lovely. Thanks also for tidying up my eyebrows with the threading that you did – they look great. It was wonderful treating myself and taking time for me today, and you were the best!

Michelle Dance

Forevershine Beauty Therapy give the most delightful facials and they are amazing at threading… Go along and see the beautiful girls, I know they will welcome you in and treat you well.

Angela Barrows

I am also now a threading convert. I experienced the effects of eyebrow threading and I am hooked. I have referred many friends who are also raving about the result. I visited Ronita at Forever Shine and first threading cost $15 & $7 for visits thereafter.

Luisa Petch, TV3 News

Ronita at Forever Shine is the only person I trust with my eyebrows! She is an artist! Having groomed brows makes such a difference! I love going into Forever Shine for threading, tinting and facials. It is not only the most affordable place in town for beauty treatments, but the only place where I completely trust I will come out feeling amazing.


Ronita is the best person to see if you want your eyebrow shaped in the way that you would look your best. I have damaged my eyebrows myself by trying to do the job myself, however I thought that by going to a beauty place a skilled specialist will fix the damage and make my eyebrows look great again. So I chose a well known place in Mt. Eden village, quite pricey, but I thought everyone goes there so they would help me…Well the beauty specialist there said to me: “I can’t help you you have damaged your brows permanently, they are not going to grow back, so you would just have to use the eyebrow colour/shade to make them look normal.” I was devastated. thinking that I would never ever have my brows back. Hope was still there and then I met Ronita. It took her about three sittings and I had my perfect eyebrows back, actually looking the best they ever looked. Ronita helped me and changed the overall look of my face with her perfect eyebrows. She is the best; a well skilled beautician, a one to see if you want to look and feel your best!!! Thank you Ronita for everything.

Petra Martincekova

I totally agree with this!The best eyebrow shaping ever and I mean ever. Ronita you are the best and no one can do it the way you can. You changed the look of my whole face and brought my eyebrows back to live and its all due to your amazing skills. So everyone if you need perfect eyebrows go and see Ronita she is the one!!!!

APM Painting Decorating

Hey Ronita! Just to answer your questions from earlier I always choose to come to forever shine for my brazilians as I find the organic wax you use to be much better for my skin which is very sensitive. Also you have the best skill and technique which means getting a brazilian from you is significantly less painful as opposed to other places I have been. Another super important factor in my decision to come to Forevershine is that the prices charged are incredibly reasonable for brazilians of a very high standard. I always recommend forevershine to my friends because you are highly skilled and I know my friends will receive the best treatment possible in your care. All the best!

Georgia Richards

Highly recommend Ronita, she is friendly kind and most importantly puts your needs first. Love the work she does and am equally impressed with her conduct. Thank you Ronita Sharma and all the best.

Renee Rapana

I came in to Forever Shine last Friday for a massage and it was wonderful. Poor Ronita must have had sore hands after that, I had so many knots, even in the tops of my feet! Ronita was very kind and also did my eyebrows which were in desperate need of attention! I would definitely recommend and I will come back. Thank you very much Ronita at Forever Shine for your kind treatment. 🙂

Shanna Olsen-Reeder

Ronita is an amazing business woman who lives and works totally centred from her heart and with absolute integrity. She is a joy to spend time with and knows how to get your natural beauty to forever shine ♥ I highly recommend her 🙂

Emi West-Sadler

Ronita does the best eyebrow threading! Highly recommend I go every two weeks without fail the best! 🙂

Dianna Mannion

Dear Ronita, thankyou so much for weaving your magic on me today… You have given me the most perfect thick, lush, perfectly shaped eyebrows! I am so happy. First time I have ever experienced getting my eye lashes tinted without stinging!! Can’t wait for my facial on Friday. Thankyou so so so much.

Nichola Knight

Ronita, you are a star… My eyebrows and eyelashes are amazing! Your threading is pain free and my eyelashes are so thick and lush. I have had so many comments about them from friends. Have recommended you to everyone!

Stefania Sarnecki

Ronita is truly genuine to the heart. She offered skincare solutions for me and my family that has worked. My sister was prescribed medication by the doctor that was doing more harm than good. And my face had been spoilt by cheap facials. Her expertise and advise has helped us. Thank you, Ronita. HER LASER HAIR REMOVAL IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Prasilla Maharaj

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